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December 15, 2014

Ornament exchange ornaments have started to arrive

So I have started receiving ornaments from the online exchange that I participated in.
This cute baby Jesus came from Nicole C, Boise ID. She makes them for her primary class every year.

This Reindeer is from Amy J., Syraouse UT.

 The penguin comes from Amy T. Rifle CO.
The tree is from Christie L. Spanish Fork UT.

The Snow flake is from Kimberly J. Tremonton, UT.  This guy came with Snow in a can. So cute.
This tree was made by a three year old little girl, Shaelee, Placentia, CA.  Some of the beads came off so my five year old helped me put them back on.  Now she says this is hers because she fixed it.

If you want to see the 11 ornaments I sent out please see this post

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