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October 16, 2013

Easy Felt Halloween Wall Hanging tutorial

 Last night I needed an easy quick Halloween craft to do with my Young Woman's group.  I am the YW president at church.  So the Laurels wanted a Halloween craft.  I thought of this project.  A reverse color wall hanging.
 You will need. black felt, a color of your choice felt, Ultra Hold Heat n Bond, and a pattern.  I found pumpkin carving pattern online.  They had a ghost, spider, spider web, mummy and the words boo and eek.
 Cut a piece of Heat N bond 11 x 17.  Trace your pattern on the Heat n Bond.  Remembering to make the letters back words.  After pattern is trace, iron the Heat n bond on a piece of 12 x 18 black felt.
 Now that your Heat n Bond is ironed on start to cut out your pattern.  You want to cut the pieces that will show the color behind.
Cut the extra black around the piece up to the Heat n Bond.  Now you need to pull the paper of the back of the felt and place it on a piece of 12 x 18 Color of your choice felt towards the bottom. 
 Iron the felt down. lift and iron do not move the iron back n forth like when you iron clothes it will distort your small pieces.  So lift up and place all over your felt.  When it is good and secure you can turn it over and iron like normal.
 Cut the sides leaving the top color.  The top piece you will turn down on the back to meet the black.
 Sew across the top to become a casing.
Side a dowel through the casing. Super easy right? Enjoy.

Happy Halloween!

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