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December 9, 2011

Everything and the kitchen sink emergency bag

For my official 200th post I would like to share my "Everything and the kitchen sink emergency bag".  I needed a crazy gift for a family member this year.  I really love this back pack pattern that I made for my girls for Christmas.  So I made one.  Then I thought that is not crazy at all, so the thought came to me "every thing plus the kitchen sink"

So I collected a lot of stuff from around my house that I got for free using coupons or purchased.  Here is the list
Pad of paper
nail file
nail clippers
tooth paste
dental floss
granola bars
paper clip
hand sanitizer
first aid kit
sewing kit
Bayer aspirin
Ponds cloth
and last The Kitchen sink. OK so it is really a bathroom sink but that was the best I could do. 

I could not help my self I think I got a little carried away.  It is supposed to be under $30.  I am pretty sure if I had actually purchased all of this it would have cost more.  But I got 90% of this for free so I will let it slide.  I really like the colors in the bag I might have to make one for me.  Now if she keeps this in the car or some where close she will have every thing she should need.  Right?  Oh I forgot to put in some hand lotion.  I will go get the lotion I bought today for $.36.  Yes that is correct$.36.  I Just love coupons. 

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