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November 6, 2011

Yesterday I got the best birthday present of all time.

Yesterday was my birthday.  I had a wonderful day.  My thoughtful husband took me the 91 miles to Houston for the best quilt festival ever.  The Houston International Quilt Festival.  Wow.  I saw some great, great stuff.  I ran into someone who knows my mother from when she lived in North Carolina.  She has some great stuff.  Go check out her web site at Hissyfitz designs.  She has the cutest quilt called Cutie Patootie  my mom tested the pattern for this quilt.  My youngest daughter sleeps with this blanket every night.  While walking through the booths I saw this quilt on the wall and was really excited to meet the lady who designed it. 
I also visited the ladies over at Craftsy.  They were great too.  We walked till my legs hurt.  I saw great stuff. 
We walked through the gallery and wow.  I took only few pictures.  I should have taken more.  I was so tired last night I slept like a baby. 
I want to share two quilts with you.  The first one is amazing.  It won some big prize I forget which one but wow the detail was phenomenal.  I have always admired thread painting.  I have only tried it once. 
Sorry these two pictures are not right side up.  I am having a problem with my computer.  In the second picture, you can see the stitching on the boy.  The quilt is said to have over 4 million stitches.  It was awesome in person.  I don't know that the picture does it Justice.

I thought this one was so whimsical that I just had to have a picture.  It also has a lot of thread painting in it.   All in all I had the best birthday ever.  Thanks honey.  Love you.

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