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November 29, 2011

Christmas Holiday Toy soldier costume

One of my friends from church, has a son that will be in the school holiday play.  He is to play a simple toy soldier.  She does not sew and asked me to help make the costume for him.  I was happy to do it.  I love sewing. 

She brought me the supplies yesterday and it was done soon after.  I took pictures just incase anyone else has to make a toy soldier costume for there child.  So hope you can find the rest of this post helpful. 

 It only takes these supplies and a red shirt.
I sandwiched three layers together to get the appellate.  fabric on either side of temtex.  Then satin stitch all the way around.

After I satin stitched all the way around the appellate you are ready for the trim.

 Sewing the trim on these are done by zig zag stitch that way it will move easily in to the position you would like.  So after you sew them you can lay them down at a 90 degree angle.

I satin stitched the applets to the shoulder about l 3/4 inch from the top.
Next I cut three 6 inch ribbons, set them in the center about 4 inches apart. I then stitched them in place. I then took 12 1/2 inch looped ribbon and made these three loop things.  I am sorry I know that the real term for these are out there but I can not think of it.

 At this point sew on the loops to then end of the ribbons.
Add buttons to the center of the loops.

I had extra Master Sergeant stripes so I add them for effect.

This plain shirt is transformed.  It only took an hour and half.  That was awesome.  And she loved it.   

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to post this! I need to make a simple Tin Soldier costume for my daughter for her Christmas dance program and I love what you did here! Thanks so much! :D

  2. Thanks for posting this. I got some good ideas for my son's dance costume.

    BTW, the loopy things are called frogs, and the shoulder things are epaulets or epaulettes.


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