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September 22, 2011

Facebook page cruelty,

Update  12-24-11 I am sorry I had to turned off the comments.  It has been over three months since this happened and well I am so sorry that I am still offending people.  I have agree with alot of the comments I have received.  I will agree to disagree and leave it at that. Have a great Army day and Merry Christmas.

 Some one visited my blog and copied a picture of mine. It was a picture of  me and my kids, in our ACU outfits.  Then they posted it to a facebook page called "Overly sensitive military wives". the caption  reads Just like the show except there fat.  It is cruel site making fun of military wives.  They blacked out our faces and put mustaches on us.  The comments are very unkind.  
I think the worst part is that the comments come from other military service member or family members.  I reported the picture and the page.   We try to teach our children not to be bullies and to be kind to one another.  Treat other how you want to be treated. Here are adults setting great example for us all.    
I watched just this morning about the kid who killed himself because he was being bullied.  I would like to say thank you to the person who emailed me this morning to let me know about the page and picture.  I can't say her name because I don't have her permission.  However, I really appreciate her looking me up and sharing the information with me. 
Ignorance is not an excuse anymore.  People now  know when they are saying cruel things to people or about people.  They are making a choice, a bad choice I might add, but a choice.  I think my favorite thing about this face book page is that is says "not everything is offensive...grow up!
Then it give the email address of"  Then it goes on to say "There is a difference between being a supportive military spouse and an OSMW....the opinions of the page express that. If you are going to take offense to someones comment, this isn't the page for you.  It is real life.  Not sugar coated." 
Well I hope someday they get the "real life" they are taking about.

As an update to this post: I have had great traffic to my blog and It has been great to get all the feed back.  I know my gramer sucks.  I never liked writing, but if I keep practicing.  Maybe someday I will get it right.