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February 7, 2011

Wind Wind What Have You Done

So this week the wind was screaming out side.  Just like it is doing right now out side.  Except I don't know the wind speed now, but earlier this week we had gust at 50 - 60 miles an hour.  It wreaked havoc in the neighborhood.  This is what it did at our house.
 The force of the wind laid it flat to the ground.  look at the 90 degree angle at the ground.
We woke up to crashing winds and the sound like our house was blowing away.  My hubby looked out side to find the flag pole on the ground.  This made us really sad.  But it could have been worse.  Many homes in the neighborhood are repairing large sections of fence that blew over. Hopefully they do a good job fixing the fence, because is sounds fearce out there.
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