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February 7, 2011

What are baths for

  I am linking to a new link party at bella before and after called
I don't know if you will laugh about this but I did.  Last night my 18m old had a cupcake and had chocolate all over her face, hair etc.

Isn't she so cute.  I totally took this picture before the .... Well anyway.  I put her in the tub and let her waste some time until she had to go to bed.  She loves to splash and play in the tub.  I was sitting on the chair in the bathroom blogging. Yeah I know I am addicted! When all of the sudden she started her "oh! oh! oh! oh! no! no! oh! oh! oh!"  thing that she does when something she doesn't like happens.  I looked at her she was holding her face shaking her head. So I looked into the tub. There was a whole lot of chocolate substance in the bath.  Way more than when she got in the tub.  You all know what substance I am talking about.  OH! did I laugh. Well what can you do?  Laugh cry it is all the same.  I just took her out.  Emptied the tub.  Cleaned the tub.  Filled the tub washed her and then dressed her and put her to bed.  Yes it is gross.  But it has not been the first time this has happened to me. I am sure it will not be the last.
Kids are awesome aren't they?

So go check out this new link party and laugh away.


  1. Haha! Thanks SO much for posting! Your story is great and has definitely happened to me too.

  2. Yup me too, lol, and can I say I also tkae my macbook to the bathroom with me, especially while they are bathing,,, gotta use up every opportunity I can, lol. SO sad, but the two younger ones still take a bath together, and they are to busy playing with barbies and dinos to worry about me.

    Your daughter is PRECIOUS with all that cupcake on her,,, I love those kinds of pics. Oh the memories, are so sweet!!!

    THANK YOU so much for sharing this with your readers!!! I am so excited to see the participation already!!!

    Hugs, and don't forget you can KEEP sharing anytime you come across something funny, we all LOVE reading these funny stories. WHat a great break from the everyday!!!

    Bella :)


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