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February 16, 2011

His and Hers ACU's

These are my Husbands work pants for the Army. They are called ACU's.  I like the feel of the ACU's.  I thought what would they look like as a skirt.  You know so they would look more feminine.

Is this much more feminine.  To make this I:
So I took a pair that had frayed ends and unpicked the inseam.  Laid it out and cut the legs off below the knee.

I marked the butt.  Sewed straight down making sure to match the butt seam.  Then sewed it again down the front a quarter of in inch  from first stitch.
With the extra material I laid it under the front opening and pin it to the patch.  Then I sewed down both sides twice like the back seam.  then I finished the raw edges off.  I hemmed the bottom and "walla"
This is the back.  See the oval  that is the butt patch of the ACU's make this cool pattern.
The front with the patch.
The Side view with the big cargo pockets. 
His and hers ACU's.  Isn't it cute.

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  1. Cute! Thanks so much for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  2. So, so cute. Wonder if T would notice if one of his BDU bottoms went missing...

  3. That is sew cute! I love the tute too! I want one now.


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