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January 10, 2011

Way Cute Valentine's Banner

 So the season of love is just around the corner.  Hopefully you fill like this with your spouse all year round.  However, since they dedicate a whole day to it I had to make a banner.  I must apologise for the lighting or the camera or the operator the pictures are terrible.
 A stamp and kissable lips.
 The key to my heart and a box of candy.
 Cupids arrow and Be Mine heart.
 Cupid himself and a red rose.
Together they make a very cute valentines banner.

I made this the same way I made my Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Banners.  Click the title to see the post.  To get the tutorial visit the Halloween post.  I am currently working on my Easter Banner.  So keep a look out for it.  Also I am going to start a Etsy shop soon So look for that as well.  I am working on stuff to put on my shop so it will be a week or two before I get it up and going.  Enjoy!

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