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November 11, 2010

Straight Pin A Foreign Body

Yes, as you read this I give you permission to laugh.  So listen up.  I just spent the last 2 hours at the emergency room.  Well the reason is funny but not funny.  I did something you know you should never do, but we all do it don't we!  I was in my sewing room pining patterns to cut out.  I had a few straight pins in my mouth.  Can you see where this is going yet?  I put some pins in my mouth to hold them for convenience sake.  Well you all know you should never do this but I do it all the time.  I felt the need to sneeze so I started taking the pins out.  Well I was not fast enough and I sneezed.  I still had pins in my mouth.  I am not sure if it happened this way but I can just guess at this point.  I believe one of the pins went back and hit the back of my throat.  I was not sure if they flew out of my mouth but I looked and looked and could not find any pins the the area where I had sneezed.  I was convinced I swallowed the straight pins and it felt weird in my esophagus.  I call the the doctor and of course he said go to the emergency room.  I went.  They took 4 x-rays and thankfully they found nothing.  However, when the doctor came in to talk to me.  He said, "now this is a funny story what happened?"   We all got a good laugh and nothing was found.  I was reminded not to put foreign bodies into my mouth.  Ha Ha Ha.  I was released and went home.  So what is the moral to this story. 

"Don't put straight pins in your mouth."

So let me know your sewing emergency room stories !?!


  1. Shelley, that is terrible! At least everything is fine.

    I don't have any funny sewing room stories, but Tony seems to find every lost pin on the floor. With his foot. Once he even sat on a needle after I put it in the arm of the sofa while I was getting ready to change stitching colors.


  2. I nailed huge fish hooks on my window frame to hang a net from, slipped and sent one thru my thumb. Couldn't reach the hammer to get the hook out of the wall so had to just hang out til someone got home to get me down. ER doc laughed his tushie off as he put 5 stitches in my thumb. Funny now- not so much then!!

  3. I personally don't have any sewing room emergency room stories, but many years ago my sister called me with a story very much like yours about a friend of hers. The only difference is one of her pins were in her lungs and they had to do surgery to get the pin out! So I agree on no pins in the mouth!


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