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November 3, 2010

my first product review - cafepress

OK!  This is my first time giving a review (or shot out) so bare with me please.  This week I received these cards in the mail from Cafepress.  You can customize holiday cards or any special occasion, ie. birth announcements, party invitations.  They have baby blankets, ornaments, shirts, mugs etc. for any occasion. You can personalize lots of items as well ie. calenders, mugs, canvas.  They have thousands of things to choose from.  I chose Some cards that are designed to help support one of five charities like "Operation gratitude".  When you pick templates from one of the five charities, Cafepress will donates 10% of the total sales from Oct 12 - Dec 25, 2010  to any of the five charities.  I spent quite a while browsing the stuff they offer.  The holiday cards that I picked are on linen paper and very bright in color.  I think maybe I over killed it with the red.  I could personalize how I wanted it to say.  Some times I have a hard time with that so I keep the example for line one and picked something simple for line two.  I am such a dork. But they are really cool.  I got them right away.  Now I just have to write my family letter for this year and I am set.  Here are some of my favorite items:

Army Wife Flag Travel MugAirborne Tab/Wings Ornament (Round)"Sleep Safe America" T-Shirt

OK!  So I look at a lot of the military stuff.  I like military stuff.  We are a military family.  Just in time for the holidays you can get 20% T-shirts. 20% and free shipping on holiday card thru Dec 25, 2010 using the code: CARD20, and 20% off (or more)on personalized gifts.  Go check them out. 

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