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October 29, 2010

4th annual Blogger Quilt Festival

My Husbands Special operations quilt is the quilt that I am entering in the quilt blogger festival at He is always wanted this quilt.  So I make it.  It takes about a week.  I spent $450 on fabric batting and fusible bias binding.  I think oh this is going on my bed right.  Fat chance.  He wants it saved for his burial.  He has decided that it will be buried with him or in his tomb, siting on the rocking chair so he can pop out and sit under his nice warm blanket.  I swear men are so weird.  Any way,  the blue, orange,black and green and orange are from the special operations flash that they would wear on there beret. 

 The center of the quilt is the 160th combat patch.  He earned his Airborne Wings and Air Assault Wings.  The are made by fusible bias binding. They are sharp. 

Well so this could not go on my bed so I made one that could. 


  1. A very neat looking quilt! I really like the job you did on the Airborne and Air Assault Wings. How did you enlarge the patterns to the size you wanted?

  2. Another great Army quilt. I guess you should be complimented that he wants save it-clearly he realizes it is special. Kudos from an Army brat.
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  3. cool quilt! Love the inspiration behind it. Too bad you can't put it on your bed! It would be so fun to be able to use this everyday.

  4. Incredible quilt. My late husband always wanted one with a Security Forces badge, LOL. He was Air Force.

    Wanting to be buried with the quilt is high praise indeed.


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