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May 16, 2010

She Walks!

I have been watching my sweet little 9m baby girl practice her balancing skills.  Well I know it would happen sooner than I wanted it to.  On sunday she took one step.  Well it is Tuesday and I have counted six steps at a time.  Wow.  I was hoping that she would wait til she turned one.  But well I guess I am going to have to face facts.  She is ready now.  This would mean that out of my four babies, she is my youngest walker.  My 12 year old walked after 10m.  My 6 year old walked at 14m.  And my 3 year old walked at just 12m.  I know what that means.  She wont be content to sit still and sit on my lap.  She will want to go to places she is not allowed to go.  And when I say come here she is going to run in the other direction laughing all the way. 

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  1. My youngest walker was 10 months and it was so hard keeping track of her. She was everywhere. Good luck! Once they're mobile it seems like they never sit still again.


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