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October 7, 2009

Visiting teaching goody

I decided to make something for the ladies I visit teach for Halloween since it is my favorite Holiday. So I made up this pattern today. It is really small so it didn't take but a hour and a half to make it. I might just have to come up with a wall hanging for every season in this size it is 5 x 9. It is a great size for a small spot on the wall.

Last night Bunco game was great. They loved the sign I made and asked for seasonal looking signs. I didn't win. But boy did I laugh my head off.

The cold has been making its way through are house and my 3 year old Emma has it now. I walked into the kitchen today at lunch time and saw this. Poor thing didn't even finish her lunch. She is getting better and I am praying that Kira my 3 month old doesn't get sick. I know that will probably happen Emma coughs on her and sticks her hands in Kira's mouth. What do you do when they are young and don't understand germs.

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