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October 29, 2009

Lady bug family halloween costume tutorial

This year I have made lady bug costumes for my new baby girl Kira and myself and my husband.  Here is how I made them.

 First I bought a yard of Red and a 1/4 yard of black felt.  I folded the red in half.  cut a large oval.  Should make 2 adult size wings times 4.

Then I traced circle from a lid a to make a template. 

Cut as many black circles as I wanted to put on the wings.  I pined them on to one side of the wing.

Then with a satin stitch on my sewing machine I sewed around all the circles.

With right sides together i sewed all around the wing leaving a opening at the bottom for turning.

Turning the wing right side out I then added two large button holes at the top about where your shoulders are.

I then added stuffing and closed the bottom.

Sew buttons on the back of your black shirt.  You can remove them later if you wear the shirt after halloween.  Don't forget to save the buttons.

Easy as pie.  Cute huh!  For the baby I just made it smaller.  To finish off the costume wear black pants and shirt.  For my husband I just added a red tie.  For me and Kira I made tutu's.  For the babys tutu I used the "Fancy filled sewn tutu" pattern I found at This  pattern is free until Oct 31.  It is really easy.
I made a tutu for me I made up my own pattern I used way to much tule and wow it makes me look big oh well.  The lady at Joanne Fabric thought I was crazy when I asked for 10 yards of black and 20 yards of red. 
So this year my husband, Kira  and I are going as lady bug family.

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  1. Shelley This is so cute, and I am so impressed that you got big tough Army man, to be a cute lady bug daddy, that is just the cutest thing ever. I doubt I will ever get my family to agree, but I love your idea. :)


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