Army wife quilter

October 1, 2009

my military quilts

OK! I have looked at blogs for the last few weeks and enjoyed a lot of the stuff that people have been doing. I wanted to join the band wagon and share my creative thoughts or just to send out the typical blah blah that is every where. I don't profess to be supper creative. I love to quilt and my favorite thing to do is come up with my own stuff. I do lots of different types of quilts or sewing projects. However my favorite lately has been creating quilts that have to do with my husbands army career. He has been in the army this coming Oct. 23 years. Quilting keeps me sane. I have 4 kids. 12 Max, 6 Alex, 3 Emma, and 3m Kira. They keep me busy and I need something to relieve stress. Quilting does this for me. Especially my own stuff.

OK. I do more than just quilt. This week I spent 3 days canning plum jam. My neighbor has a Italian plum tree. She let me have plums. I had enough to can 26 jars and still give plums away. My family better like plum jam because that is all they are getting for a while. I also like to read. I But when I do read my family loses me until the book is finished. So I read a book than wait for a month or so til I pick another book up.

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